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Emma Watson kicked off her first duties as a UN Ambassador this morning, September 17, in Uruguay. The young actress was on hand to help deliver signatures to the National Parliament in order to enact a new law that will ensure female representation in Uruguay politics.

Emma will then head up to New York City where she will continue her Ambassador work by co-hosting the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign. Emma Was announced as the UN’s Women Goodwill Ambassador earlier this year.


Appearances > 2014 > Emma Watson at the Uruguayan parliament — September 17

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Rus: 26 июля Эмма и Метт были замечены в Лондоне, Англия

Eng: Emma and her boyfriend Matt were seen in London, England (26th July)


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Rus: Стал доступен новый ауттек для Glamour US

Eng: We were provided with a new auttek for Glamour US (2012)


Photoshoots > Glamour US 2012

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Rus: Похоже, нас ждет еще одна новая фотосессия. Мисс Уотсон недавно выложила новое фото на свой аккаунт в ‘Whosay’. Дива выглядит неверотяно, правда?

Eng: It seems we are waiting for another new photoshoot. Miss Watson recently posted a new photo to her account in the ‘Whosay’. Diva looks incredible, isn’t it?


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Rus: Промо-тур «Ноя» не за горами, а это значит, что нас ждут много новых интервью, премьер и, конечно же, фотосессии для разных печатных издании.
Сегодня в сети появились фото со съемок фотосессии для журнала ‘Wonderland’, где Эмма позирует с великолепным Дугласом Бутом.

Eng: Promo-tour of «Noah» is not far off, and it means that we expect a lot of new interview, premieres and photoshoot for different printed edition.
The network recently appeared photo from shooting a photoshoot for the ‘Wonderland’ magazine, where Emma poses with magnificent Douglas.


Photoshoots > Wonderland — 2014

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Rus: В сети появились новые фото с разных фотосессии 2012 года.
Новый ауттек к Glamour, а также фото с фанатами во время съемок фотосессии для журнала Nylon.

Eng: In the network there are new photos from various photoshoots of 2012 years.
New photos from the photoshoot for ‘Glamour’ magazine, as well as photos with the fans during the shooting of the photoshoot for the ‘Nylon’ magazine.


Photoshoots > Nylon Magazine 2012
Photoshoots > Glamour UK 2012

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